Choose the correct device and get relief from Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is one of the most prevalent problems of the ear. There are many different forms and manifestations of tinnitus and many different reasons behind it.

Neuromonics SanctuaryOne of the most common reasons causing tinnitus is a high frequency hearing loss in the frequency region 8 – 14 kHz.

Our central auditory centres in the brain are designed to receive sounds in a frequency range from 20 – 20 kHz.

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Tips For Taking Care Of Hearing Aids

Are you suffering from hearing loss? Are you using the hearing aid? Do you want to know the things you should do to take care of them? If the answers to the above mentioned questions are yes, you are in the right place at the right time.

Hearing loss is one of the worst health conditions that anyone wants. Hearing loss in children is getting common these days. Most people who are suffering from such a loss prefer to wear hearing aids. Hearing aids for tinnitus are available in several types in the stores.

Keeping them neat and clean as well as taking care of it is quite essential. There are a lot of points that you should take into the consideration for taking care of them. Out of the several tips, let us have a look at some of the most important ones.

  • It is advisable to perform listening checks regularly.
  • You should check if the batteries are fully charged so that they work properly. The fully charged batteries work for at least one or two days.
  • Make sure you clean them with a soft and a dry cloth so that the dirt does not get accumulated inside it. Use cleaning agents only the ones that are approved.
  • Keep them in a small container and at a safe place while you are not using them.
  • Handle it gently and even after doing so in case if it gets damaged, get it repaired by the professionals.
  • Turn it off before you go to sleep in order to avoid the battery drain.

I hope that the above mentioned points help you to take proper care of your hearing aid. Make sure you do those things to keep it in the healthy condition. Good luck with that!

Ears are one of the important parts of our body and we all have been taught about this since childhood. Hearing is one of the six senses that help us function normally. But what about the people who suffer from improper hearing functions? Everything about their normal day to day life gets disrupted. They have difficulty in communicating and doing other activities. Sensory Neural Hearing Loss



It is hard for a normal person to even imagine how the life would be without being able to hear properly. The causes of the hearing loss can be any. An accident or defect by birth or anything else. But whatever be the cause it is difficult to tackle it. There are various medical advancements and treatment procedures that can help revert the issue. But this depends on the extent of hearing loss and also the cause for it.



These days there are even ways to train a person to hear well. This is called as audio fitness raining. Special aids are provided and suffers are trained to use it. There are many brands and varieties of cheap hearing aids available in the market now.

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