Symptoms of hearing loss in children

Hearing loss in children is a major issue to be dealt with as soon as possible. Focus on how to improve hearing, but also find out the causes of hearing loss. Kids are too small to detect the defect on their own and let parents know about it. It is parents who have to take care of their kids. They are the first one who will come to know if their children are suffering from the hearing loss.

causes of hearing loss

The symptoms vary with the age, so let us find out the signs for both the age groups of children; below as well as above two years. Let us have a look at both of them one by one. Here we go…

  1. Signs for the kids below two years:

If your baby keeps on crying and does not do these things, he/she should be taken to the ear specialist urgently.

  • Wake up if there is a large sound
  • Smile or respond to your voice
  • Turn eyes hearing familiar voice
  • Notice the sound of the toys
  • Understand and act for normal words like hi and bye
  • Repeat sounds or words you try to make him/her speak
  • Signs for the kids above two years:

Your child:

  • Does not respond when you call
  • Behaves in the different way than other children of the same age
  • Is not able to understand what you are trying to say
  • Itches ears and keeps complaining about the pain in the ears or headache
  • Does not reply well to your questions
  • Turn the T.V. volume very high every time they watch it

The above mentioned signs can be the symptoms of hearing loss, but there can be other reasons too for the same.


Ears are one of the important parts of our body and we all have been taught about this since childhood. Hearing is one of the six senses that help us function normally. But what about the people who suffer from improper hearing functions? Everything about their normal day to day life gets disrupted. They have difficulty in communicating and doing other activities. Sensory Neural Hearing Loss



It is hard for a normal person to even imagine how the life would be without being able to hear properly. The causes of the hearing loss can be any. An accident or defect by birth or anything else. But whatever be the cause it is difficult to tackle it. There are various medical advancements and treatment procedures that can help revert the issue. But this depends on the extent of hearing loss and also the cause for it.



These days there are even ways to train a person to hear well. This is called as audio fitness raining. Special aids are provided and suffers are trained to use it. There are many brands and varieties of cheap hearing aids available in the market now.

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Understanding tinnitus and helping the sufferer is important

We all are blessed with proper senses that lets us do all our day to day activities normally and with easy. There are however many such people who are not so fortunate. One of the major issues can be when one cannot hear properly nor has issue with hearing. It can disrupt the life completely. The basic communications also become difficult.

Comfort Audio

There are various types of hearing impairments. One of the types is tinnitus. It is a condition in which a person hears more than required. To be precise, they hear additional noises like the ringing or buzzing sounds. Yes, actually when there is no source to produce such sounds they can hear it.

Wait, it doesn’t mean they are hallucinating nor have any issue with their mental ability. This is actually a physical impairment. Unfortunate enough there is a drastic lack of understanding in the common people about this situation. There is a huge misconception that the ringing or buzzing sound is due to some psychological disorder. This has led too many suffers being left in the situation to be with it and no remedy has been provided.

Tinnitus is derived from the Latin word that means “ringing”. One must understand that this situation is highly disturbing for the sufferer and more pain should not be caused. Anyone can and is entitled to help with tinnitus. Tinnitus treatment is prevalent but is not known to many. For this the first step is proper diagnosis of the issue and focus on curing it. The condition might vary from mild to even severe cases but there are various methods available to cure end this suffering.

With the development of technology and advancements in the medical field, it is now possible to understand and treat this situation in an effective way. The auditory pathway is stimulated with music and other broadband noise to stimulate the changes in the patient. This method of treatment is seen to be successful in over 90% of the patients.

But for this to happen, it is highly important to discover that you or your near or dear one is suffering from tinitus, rather than just labelling or judging the situation to be a psychological disorder.

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Tinnitus – It can be Cured

The hearing loss is no longer a condition faced by the elderly, in recent times the younger population is equally affected by it. No specific cause for hearing loss has been found but most of the researchers claim that loud noises are major contributors to it. With changes in lifestyle and exposure to loud music and noise has led to hearing loss in young people.  During a hearing loss, a person usually hears ringing sound which is heard only by the person even though no such source of sound exists. This is a very annoying condition which is very disturbing. This condition is known as Tinnitus.

The Hearing Solution
Now you might be thinking how to cure tinnitus? Well this is not something which does not have a cure. With proper preventive measures and treatment it can be treated completely. Using Tinnitus Hearing Aids would help in preventing the accidents that are caused due to continuous ringing sound. People who work in areas with loud noises such as construction workers are more likely to suffer from tinnitus. Proper preventive measures and treatment should be taken so that this condition does not develop into deafness.

Tinnitus treatment involves making use of hearing aids which minimizes exposure to loud noises as well as gives relief to the person from the ringing sound. One should not expect immediate results after wearing the Tinnitus Masker; it takes a while to get accustomed to the device and thereby further proceeding of the treatment.

Clinics like the Hearing Solution Group are independent clinics who offer a complete cure for the tinnitus and hearing loss. Such a clinic which is not run by any hearing aid manufacturer offers devices as well as the proper cure for the condition. Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment offered by them cures the tinnitus condition by up to 90%. If you are sufferer then you must get proper treatment done to avoid further hearing damage.

All about the hearing aids

People with hearing loss feel left out and isolated due to their impairment. Hearing aids are necessary for the people with hearing losses. For improving the hearing capability auditory devices are provided. Although there is advancement in the hearing aids but still a certain amount of background noise is still penetrated through the device. Even the highest quality of the device would try to eliminate most of the noise but not all. Hence one takes time to get adjusted with the hearing aid. But once they are comfortable they are about to understand the speeches and can hear everything normally.

If you are thinking about getting a hearing aid then you must be aware that it requires time to get comfortable with the device. The hearing aid is placed in the ear and one cannot expect to feel comfortable with it immediately. One needs to be patient and must try to get accustomed to the new device. Also the sounds and the background noise are to be dealt with. A good hearing specialist can help you with the new auditory apparatus as they know how to make the people comfortable with the new object that is fitted into their ears.


There are several types of hearing aids such as behind the ears, in the ear and in the canal. Various options available with each of the variants such a CIC hearing aid which is an in the canal (ITC) auditory device. ITC devices are smallest Hearing Aid and are less visible. ITC devices are comfortable and small but are very expensive. With digital hearing aids the outside noise can be reduced considerably as compared to analog hearing aids also the quality of sound and clarity of the speech is optimized. If you have any such needs then choose the one that fits your budget and the device with which you feel comfortable.

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Treatment for tinnitus and hearing losses

What is tinnitus? In simple terms it is a condition where a person hears sound within the ears when no such sound is actually present. One cannot identify the basic cause for this problem but generally it is assumed that loud noises are major contributors to this problem. This sounds very easy to understand but it causes distress to the person who goes through it. In some persons the ringing sound is continuous while in some it is intermittent. The sound that the patient usually hears can be described as hissing, ringing or roaring which can vary in pitches. This condition is not such which cannot be treated. Ringing in ears treatment is available and it effectively heals the patients and helps them to lead a normal life. is a treatment that is available for the tinnitus which relieves patient from the disturbing noise. It is an FDA approved treatment that is suitable for every age group which involves usage of hearing aid for tinnitus. Another problem that we face is hearing loss. With advancing world the possibility of hearing defects has increased by manifolds. Due to loud noises, our inner ear gets damaged and leads to hearing loss. Such a loss can be treated by making use of hearing aids.


Hearing loss is now not limited just to people approaching old age but it is equally affecting children. More and more cases of hearing loss in children are found nowadays. The loss that is caused due to injury, loud noises or infection cannot be repaired and hearing aid is the only solution that is available for the sufferers. One can find several brands for the hearing aids in the market but selecting the appropriate one that fits the patient is necessary. A hearing specialist would help you out in finding the correct hearing aid for you or your child by assessing the level of hearing loss.

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The Hearing Solution, provides simple solutions for varied hearing ailments!

The Hearing Solution group,  is the largest independent provider of Hearing aids in Asia. Its head office is in Singapore with around 72 centres all across Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. We are the only Hearing instruments company that has acquired the ISO 9001 certification in Singapore. The company came into being in the year 2003, with the main objective to provide the much neuromonics tinnitus treatmentneeded hearing loss solutions for the ones having these problems. Over the years we have been able to capture the market with our high quality hearing instruments and great customer care services.

We have till date catered to the needs of over 100,000 adults and children, who have been benefitted by using these devices. You can avail the best quality branded products like Siemens hearing aid, Starkey (USA), Bernafon (Switzerland), Audio Service (Germany) and ExSilient ones (Holland).

We are the only centre providing treatment and training for simple and complex auditory problems. We even provide training for the central auditory capabilities for patients who have started having auditory problems. Our company provides treatment for simple and common problems like Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). The group offers a treatment called Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment. You can also get implanted ears in case of severe auditory ailment.

You can get the Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants if the impairment cannot be reversed. For your reference we have provided link on the website of the companies from where you can take free test for diagnosing of your ailment. There are informative blogs and articles given on the company’s website which will enable you understand your own problem better. The company’s website displays all the hearing instruments in a well–defined catalogue. You can buy them through online shopping anytime you wish.


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