Choose the correct device and get relief from Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is one of the most prevalent problems of the ear. There are many different forms and manifestations of tinnitus and many different reasons behind it.

Neuromonics SanctuaryOne of the most common reasons causing tinnitus is a high frequency hearing loss in the frequency region 8 – 14 kHz.

Our central auditory centres in the brain are designed to receive sounds in a frequency range from 20 – 20 kHz.

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Things to do if you think you have a hearing loss: The treatments

Human beings can bear anything but hearing loss. We remain subject to risk factors that cause permanent hearing loss. You must always take precautions to protect yourself against such defects. But, sometimes you lack taking care of yourself. Also, some causes are unavoidable like aging and hereditary. So, if you feel you have started facing hearing loss, what are you supposed to do? How will you react? Do not panic, as there is a solution for every problem. Let us have a look at some of the points that you should if you discover you are suffering from hearing problem. Here we go…

  • Do not panic, do an online hearing test. Visit an audiologist. Make him understand your problems and the difficulties that you face. Let him check up and listen to his advices and guidance. Also ask him the chances of improvement and cure and about the hearing loss treatment.
  • One of the most common things to do is to buy a good pair of hearing aids in Korea. There are several different types according to the type of defect. Some of them includes behind the ear, receiver in the ear, in the ear, in the canal, completely in the canal and body worn, to name a few. This will bring you back the life to your ears.
  • Certain type of defects can be cured with the help of certain medications or surgeries. So, go and have a check up with an audiologist.
  • You can also use the cochlear implants which is a small electronic device which can improve hearing of the people who is suffering from the severe hearing loss. So, buy the best brands of the hearing devices or the systems. You can also buy tinnitus maskers.

I hope you have understood the above mentioned points for the treatment of your hearing loss problem. Good luck with that!

Check if you are at the risk of hearing loss: The causes

Do you know what may cause you hearing loss? Are you aware of the risks factors? Do you know how liable are you of getting such defect? If your answers to all these above mentioned questions are ‘No’, you are in the right place. There are several things going around you that may make deaf. You should know about those risk factors so that you can stay away from such things. Let us have a look at some of the risk factors that can cause you hearing loss.

  • One of the most common causes is aging. The cells of your internal ear can be damaged with time as they get exposed to sound each day.
  • Another common reason is hereditary. You can cause such ear defects or sound disease if your parents or grandparents are suffering from that.
  • The third most common risk factor is due to illness. Any type of illness or the disease that cause you high fever can get you into such hearing problems.
  • Working environment: If you have got jobs where there is a constant high sound or noise going on around you, it can damage your ear. Some of the examples of such working environment are construction, factories and farming, to name a few.
  • Medicines: Your ears can also be damaged due to the side effects of some of the medicines that you consume regularly.

I hope that you are now aware of the risk factors and try to avoid those causes affecting you. Good luck for the same. Stay healthy, stay safe!

Even if you are affected by hearing loss in one ear or both, you need not worry. You can be treated using several treatments like cochlear implants. There are several brands of hearing instruments like Siemens, Bernafon and Starkey, to name a few.

Protect yourselves against hearing loss: The prevention

Hearing is one of the most important senses for our body. It becomes difficult to live a deaf life. There are several reasons one can damage their ears and cause either temporary or permanent hearing loss. Well, there are so many factors that can cause you deafness. Some of them are aging and hereditary, in which you are helpless. Others causes are not natural and you can prevent them like illness, diseases, working environment and side effects of medications.

Well, there are some of the precautions that you can take to prevent such defects. Let us have a look at some of those important points.

  • Stay away from the harmful noise at work as well as home as much as possible.
  • Avoid going to the recreational places that has got high sound like discotheque. Do not listen to songs in iPod or mp3 players at the highest volume. Control the volume wherever you can.
  • Do not do the job that involves staying the place with high harmful noises like construction companies and factories as well as industries.
  • It is advisable to use the hearing protectors like earplugs if you know you are going to a noisy place where there is going to be harmful noise.
  • Do not wait to take prevention. If you have just started suffering from hearing loss, the ear damage can still be prevented. But, once your ears are damaged, it can cause the permanent loss.

I hope that you have understood the above mentioned precaution points that can help you to prevent hearing loss. Good luck for protecting yourself against it. Stay safe, stay happy!

Even if you are suffering from such problem, there is no need to worry. It can be cured by the treatments like cochlear implant. Also, the behind the ear hearing aids help you for the better hearing.


Types of hearing aids

If something is buzzing, humming, blowing, roaring or ringing in the ears, you might be suffering from the hearing defect such as tinnitus or anything else. If it happens with you, do not wait for the disease to go to the next level. It is advisable to rush to the doctor or ear specialist who can give you proper guidance. If he asks you to use hearing aid, ask him the details regarding the same.

These days there are lots of brands of hearing aid. Moreover, there are different styles according to the type of defect. Let us have a look at the different styles one by one. Here we go…

  • Completely in the canal: It fits inside the ear canal and therefore is least noticeable. It improves the hearing loss in adults. It uses small batteries and easy to use with telephone.
  • In the canal: It has all the features of the ‘completely in the canal’ and but the difference is that it partly fits in the ear and may not fit the small ears.
  • Receiver in canal
  • In the ear: It fills the outer ears, bigger than the canal aids and fits most of the ears. They are easier to handle and has volume controlling features.
  • Behind the ear: This is the most visible one that rests behind the ear and hooks on the top of the ear. They are mostly used by old people. It is used for all types of defects and amplifies the sound better than the rest.

I hope you have understood the above mentioned styles of the hearing aids. Choose the right one as suggested by your doctor. Good luck!

Symptoms of hearing loss in children

Hearing loss in children is a major issue to be dealt with as soon as possible. Focus on how to improve hearing, but also find out the causes of hearing loss. Kids are too small to detect the defect on their own and let parents know about it. It is parents who have to take care of their kids. They are the first one who will come to know if their children are suffering from the hearing loss.

causes of hearing loss

The symptoms vary with the age, so let us find out the signs for both the age groups of children; below as well as above two years. Let us have a look at both of them one by one. Here we go…

  1. Signs for the kids below two years:

If your baby keeps on crying and does not do these things, he/she should be taken to the ear specialist urgently.

  • Wake up if there is a large sound
  • Smile or respond to your voice
  • Turn eyes hearing familiar voice
  • Notice the sound of the toys
  • Understand and act for normal words like hi and bye
  • Repeat sounds or words you try to make him/her speak
  • Signs for the kids above two years:

Your child:

  • Does not respond when you call
  • Behaves in the different way than other children of the same age
  • Is not able to understand what you are trying to say
  • Itches ears and keeps complaining about the pain in the ears or headache
  • Does not reply well to your questions
  • Turn the T.V. volume very high every time they watch it

The above mentioned signs can be the symptoms of hearing loss, but there can be other reasons too for the same.

Tinnitus – It can be Cured

The hearing loss is no longer a condition faced by the elderly, in recent times the younger population is equally affected by it. No specific cause for hearing loss has been found but most of the researchers claim that loud noises are major contributors to it. With changes in lifestyle and exposure to loud music and noise has led to hearing loss in young people.  During a hearing loss, a person usually hears ringing sound which is heard only by the person even though no such source of sound exists. This is a very annoying condition which is very disturbing. This condition is known as Tinnitus.

The Hearing Solution
Now you might be thinking how to cure tinnitus? Well this is not something which does not have a cure. With proper preventive measures and treatment it can be treated completely. Using Tinnitus Hearing Aids would help in preventing the accidents that are caused due to continuous ringing sound. People who work in areas with loud noises such as construction workers are more likely to suffer from tinnitus. Proper preventive measures and treatment should be taken so that this condition does not develop into deafness.

Tinnitus treatment involves making use of hearing aids which minimizes exposure to loud noises as well as gives relief to the person from the ringing sound. One should not expect immediate results after wearing the Tinnitus Masker; it takes a while to get accustomed to the device and thereby further proceeding of the treatment.

Clinics like the Hearing Solution Group are independent clinics who offer a complete cure for the tinnitus and hearing loss. Such a clinic which is not run by any hearing aid manufacturer offers devices as well as the proper cure for the condition. Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment offered by them cures the tinnitus condition by up to 90%. If you are sufferer then you must get proper treatment done to avoid further hearing damage.